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Mark 9:23

"Making the Impossible, Possible"

Executive Pastor Pat Watson

Patricia Watson black dress sitting in chair jpgRev. Pat Watson serves as the Executive Pastor of Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries and is leader of the Women of Watson, a ministry designed to provide teaching, counseling, mentoring and training to the women within the church and also to other women who find themselves part of her  weekly bible study.

She serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Family Center of Hope which is the social service arm of the ministry.  The Family Center of Hope operates as a holistic institution of education and social services from a faith based perspective. The agency provides academic development and meet the emotional, educational and personal needs of underprivileged, system involved youth and bereaved families.


Rev. Pat has devoted more than 27 years to Biblical studies and teaching. She labors with care, ease, excellence and authority. Her unique “Thirty minutes with God” weekly teachings has helped women hear the voice of God and experience Him in His fullness.


Rev. Pat’s bold, unrelenting, commitment to the Word of God is evidenced by her discerning, yet no-nonsense approach to very sensitive situations. Hers is an end-time voice anointed by the Holy Spirit to raise the consciousness of those who have “ears to hear” what the Spirit of God is saying.


God’s favor has caused Rev. Pat to be a highly sought after, capable, and spirit-led speaker whose annual calendar includes engagements at numerous churches, conferences, and seminars. God has placed Rev. Pat in dual positions, locally and nationally, to provide some of the essentials needed to equip His people by helping them establish and maintain a strong foundation in the Word of God; and training professionals and students the fundatmentals of working effectively with families in need from a therapeutic and behavioral health perspective.


Rev. Pat leads God’s people to spiritual recovery over sinful behavior through prayer and consistent application of God’s Word. She is blazing new trails, endeavoring to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the people throughout the city of New Orleans, its surrounding areas, and around the world.


Diligently working beside her husband, Pastor Tom Watson, she shares the load of ministry which she delights in.  Rev. Pat and her husband have four children: Corey, Thiffani, Simone, and Chelsi and seven grandchildren: Lillian, Solveigh, Seth, Corey, Shiloh, Sage and Simi.


Rev. Pat received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and a Minor in Psychology from Dillard University in 1979 and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Tulane University in 1984.


Rev. Patricia G. Watson is a woman who allows God to reign over her, in her, and through her as instructed in Ephesians 4:6-7. And, He has given her a “special gift according to the generosity of Christ.”


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Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries

4400 St Charles Ave

New Orleans, LA

(504) 899-4400

Watson Memorial..."Teaching until  learning takes place"